Montessori-Inspired Dinosaur Skulls Matching Cards

I recently purchased the Safari Ltd Dinosaur Skulls Toob.  When I finally opened it, I panicked a bit, because the toob didn't have a informational card, and I don't know dinosaurs at all.  I pulled the contents card from the Safari Ltd website and began slowing creating these cards.  Each "skull" has two matching cards, a picture of an actual skull and a picture of the completed skeleton.  When the student becomes proficient at naming and matching all the animals, the cards can be made into Montessori-Inspired 3-part ones.  The pictures from the printable came from Wikimedia Commons.
FREE 3-Part Card for Safari Ltd Dinosaur Skulls from In Our Pond

Update 07-01-18
This is my MOST popular 3-part card printable!  I redid the printable to update is and make it more uniform with all of my other matching cards.  I also added some new images just right for Pinterest, so be sure to pin this post to share with your friends and make it easier to find later.

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  1. This great! My dinosaur lovers will enjoy these :-)

  2. You're welcome! Glad your kids can enjoy them!

  3. I can not seem to get all of the file to download. Could you help me please?

  4. It appears the file is corrupted. I'll work on fixing it. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please visit again soon.

  5. If this becomes available, I would love a copy. Thank you!

  6. Thanks for the reminder. It's fixed now.

  7. Awesome! We have a small obsession with dinosaurs...


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