Summer Themes- Birthday/Ice Cream

It's birthday season in our family so I thought this would be the perfect week for a unit on birthdays.  A birthday unit led me to lots of counting work.  Since there is only so much counting work a kid can do, I decided to combine the birthday unit with an ice cream unit that I had been planning for a while.  Happily, I already had an ice cream "name spelling" activity, which also fit well with the birthday theme.

Theme; birthday

Activities: counting candles
                 going around the sun
                 life timeline
                 cupcake invitation to play

Books: "A Birthday Cake is No Ordinary Cake"
            "The Best Birthday Party Ever"

More Ideas: printable pack
                    cupcake counting by 10's

Dragonfly practiced spooning beads this week.  The beads were especially challenging, since they bounced a bit if she wasn't gentle.  She's still pretty impatient with the process and was soon dumping instead.

Meanwhile, Skimmer was using the little shot glasses to pour beads.  Like Dragonfly, he also discovered that the beads were bouncy.

The older two kids practiced blowing out their birthday candles by blowing pompoms across the table.  They really loved that game.

Theme: Ice Cream

Activities: stack-a-name
                  ice cream making
                  pretend play
                  sensory play


More Ideas: ABC scoops
                    word family cones
                    preschool printables
                    beginning sounds cones
                                                                            skip counting

Our main ice cream cone activity was counting scoops for the homemade cones.  Dragonfly doesn't like counting yet and isn't interested in it, so I had to sit next to her and help her do these numbers.  After we finished the work, I asked her to put the red pompom on the cone that showed her age- 4!
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