Home-School Supplies for the Science Girl

Dragonfly (4) is a self-proclaimed "Science Girl," so most of my schooling this year with cater to that passion.  Most of our letter themes, math work, reading, and writing will be done through the lens of science.  I've been preparing our homeschool space for the next year and thought you might like to see what goes into a "Science Girl" classroom.
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- chunky pencils
- pink handled safety scissors
- school glue (liquid)
- pink composition book
- 8 pack of regular sized crayons
- pink mini pencil box

Dragonfly has began learning to read recently, so this year we're going to try keeping a "Science Journal."  As we move through our themes, I'll have specific things that Dragonfly can add to her notebook.  Perhaps it will be graphing candy colors or coloring and pasting life cycle pictures or drawing diagrams of animals.  Dragonfly doesn't particularly enjoy coloring, so I think this activity may be a stretch for her.  I chose the pink composition book, pink pencil box, and special crayons in continued hope of enticing her to write (pink is her assigned color in the family).

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Science Specific
- microscope
- life cycle sets
- Safari toob animals

Dragonfly received a microscope for her birthday.  I'm intending to give her many opportunities to look at things with it.  We may even grow a few cultures to explore (on purpose and the ones from the fridge).

One of our additions for this year is several life cycle sets from Insect Lore and Safariology.  We currently have sets for a butterfly, ladybug, ant, frog, chicken, and sea turtle.  You can read about how we used the frog life cycle set in our Tree Frog summer unit.  I plan on using the life cycles sets many times this year and in the future.

Our homeschooling is slightly Montessori-inspired, which has led us to do lots of matching and sorting activities with the Safari toob animals.  We also love using them in our sensory bins.  I store our toob animals in crystal lite containers, which are easy to open and fit the animals very well.
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- felt world map
- globe (Amazon) and the printable one here
- alphabet stamps (Amazon)
- alphabet magnets (Amazon)
- phonics box
- sandpaper letters (Etsy)

Dragonfly is also very interested in the world and maps, so I'm planning on introducing her to those this year as well.  I think we'll call it "political science."  I think some of her interest is from having so many friends that have moved "overseas" lately.  I'm looking forward to showing her where exactly "overseas" is located.

The kids do a lot of pretend stamping with toys and object that they find around the house, so I think they'll enjoy having some alphabet stamps available.  We'll be able to stamp play dough and paper and practice spelling words.  We can even use them in our science notebook.

The last three items on the list are part of learning to read and write the Montessori way.  I'll write a separate post about them.

Well, that's my list of school supplies for the science girl.  What would you add?

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