b is for babies (year 2, week 13)

For our first week of Christmastime learning, we're focusing on babies, human and animal, with a touch of mammals vs non-mammals.  We also started our "Countdown to Christmas" with a story a night from the Jesus Storybook Bible.

We've been reading the Jesus Storybook Bible.  The cards are free.

So, um, this week didn't go at all like planned.  I've been packing and organizing and purging for our upcoming move.  We've been working with our realtor to put an offer on a house.  Since I've done all the planning, here's what I've found (and the books we read this week).

- 15 Things Not to do with a Baby
- Father and Son: a Nativity Story
- Little One, We Knew You'd Come
- The Life Cycle of a Human
- Song of the Stars

- path to Bethlehem game
- mammals vs non-mammals sorting game
- miniature matching cards for mammals
- fetal development 3-part cards
- mommy's and babies around the world
- animal families matching
- Nativity learning pack

- baby care with a baby doll
- baby doll washing sensory bin

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