c is for cookie (year 2, week 14)

We're still busy with the move (of course).  Even still, we've done a few things this week.  Our theme was "c is for cookies."

Tadpole enjoyed stacking the pink tower this week.  He learned that he could stack them better if he started with the bigger blocks and then added the smaller ones.  He hasn't placed them biggest to smallest yet.

He really enjoyed putting them back in the storage bag when he was finished.  The blocks are packed now for our next house.

I found these 18" felt gingerbread men at the dollar store.  They came with cut out pieces of felt to decorate them with.  We ended up having to hot glue the pieces on.  The kids have enjoyed playing with them.

I loved how each of the kids wanted to decorate their gingerbread men in their own way.  They were so proud of their work.

Dragonfly has been tying knots in everything lately.  This is the medical tubing for my nebulizer.  At least it's easy to pick out.  Perhaps she'll get some rope for Christmas.

The kids are always eager to help me clean the house.  The other kids have made Tadpole (2) brave and he now loves to vacuum as well.  He loves to help them push it around.

- Gingerbread Girl Goes Animal Crackers
- If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

- cocoa/cookie shop spelling/math game
- cookie counting game
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Spelling Game
- cookie bump game
- If You Give a Mouse a Cookie preschool pack

- decorating large foam cookies
- runaway cookie pattern
- How Flour is Made video
- hot cocoa sensory bin
- cookie shop pretend play
- life size gingerbread house
- bake C shaped cookies

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