Family Brain Binder (free printable)

I'm starting to organize the items on my to-do list.  I've made the "Family Brain Binder" top priority, mostly because it's easy.  I started with a $1 "Better" binder from Staples and a few packs of half-size page protectors from Walmart.  I designed my binder cover, which you can download here.  I also printed a few handy things from other blogs, like a calendar (here) and a birthday tracker (here).  Both blogs have lots of planner printables to satisfy even the most OCD person.

I don't usually cook with recipes, but I have a few baking ones that I like to have on hand.  I was able to print them from a cooking website by setting the margins so the text was as wide as a half-page.  It's not beautiful, but it's good enough for the couple times a year that I need those recipes.  I still need to type up a few other recipes, but those can be done later.

I also need to update our family emergency information and phone number lists.  I'll probably start on them soon, but they won't be ready for the binder until after we move.  A new town means new doctors, pharmacy, dentist, emergency contacts, etc.

To me, the best part about the family binder is that it is expandable.  If I decide to add more information later, I can do it!  If I want to make a separate recipe binder, I can just slide the recipes I've already made into the new one.  Even though the binder will never be "done," I'm calling it finished and checking it off the list.

Organizational To-Do List:
1- DVDs
2- Devices
3- Launch Pad
4- Craft Supplies
5- Coffee Station
6- Mason Jars
7- Toys
8- Kids Clothes
9- Command Center
10- Coats and Shoes


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