Finding Nemo Bathroom

We're slowing starting to unpack the boxes and make this new space into our home.  One of the most anticipated rooms in our new home was the kids' bathroom.  They love the movie Finding Nemo, so it was an easy decision to make that the theme.  Here's what the bathroom looks like now.  As you can see, it's very basic.  Mainly I used cheap printed pictures to make the space their own.  If they do well with these decorations, I might add a few more later.  I anticipate that the new Pixar movie, Finding Dory, will probably bring some new bathroom accessories in the stores.

- mine sign is from Modern Geek Media and is a free download
- quote signs are my own creation and are also a free download
- bathroom sign hangs on the door at child height and can be found at Design, Dining, and Diapers

Eventually, I'd love to add a shark shower curtain.  None of the kids shower, so that has been an easy purchase to pass on for now.  Dragonfly loves the shark in Finding Nemo, and Skimmer got very excited when he saw the signs I put up in his bathroom.

The kids each have their own assigned color that we use around the house.  Dragonfly is pink, Skimmer is blue, and Tadpole is green.  The kids have toothbrushes and towels in their colors.  I added some big 3-M command hook on the walls for the kids towels.  They can all hang them up by themselves.  Eventually, I'd like to remove the current towel bar and add permanent robe hooks.  I don't think the 3M hooks will last very long with three crazy preschoolers using the bathroom all the time.  I've also added a hand towel and a few guest towels in bright orange as a nod to the famous fish.

Someday, perhaps we'll be able to paint their bathroom.  I found a scheme on Pinterest that I really like.  I found many other wonderful ideas, so stay tuned for updates.


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