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Updated on April 15, 2016

{Safari Toob Printables}
- monkeys and apes 3-part cards
mammal skulls 3-part cards
New York City 3-part cards
- USA symbols 3-part cards
- horses 3-part cards
backyard birds 3-part cards
Galapagos animal 3-part cards
river animals 3-part cards
Australian animal 3-part cards
desert animals
desert mini matching cards
dinosaur skulls 3-part cards
North American animal 3-part cards
- land/water sorting mat
zoo animal 3-part cards
sorting insects from non-insects
- insect 3-part cards

favorite types of milk experiment
firefighter 3-part cards
mammals cards and poster
mammals mini matching cards
antarctic food chain
pollen to hive transfer game
seed matching
coral reef Finding Nemo game
metamorphosis roll and cover game
seeds coloring page

- dice for learning games
- five paragraph essay organizer
- Thanksgiving spelling game
- juggling CVC words
- curves and sticks for building letters
- resurrection opposites
- rain handwriting worksheets
- "Eak" and Eek" monster word sort
- color words spelling game
- mountain handwriting worksheets
handwriting sky/grass/dirt cards
candy and cocoa shop spelling words (with bonus math component)
- duck pond spelling game
resurrection spelling words (with math component)
- bees like B's game
safari spelling words (with bonus math component)
- bee hexagon activity
- hungry bear counting game

transportation in Antarctica
all about Idaho 3-part cards
Asian regions list
cattle drive game
American history 3-part cards
American inventions 3-part cards

{Math Printables}
- place value cards
- dice for learning games
- DIY math games (that fit in an Altoid tin)
- learning clock
- magnetic six-sided 100-chart
cookie graphing
space count and clip
pirate count and clip
bug jar roll and fill game
- turtle counting
- measuring dinosaur bones
- pond games
- roll and cover games
- candy graphing and patterns
- monster size sorting
- counting treasure
- yarn worksheets
- marshmallow counting
- camping worksheets (1)
- camping worksheets (2)
- grocery worksheets (1)
- grocery worksheets (2)
- firetruck roll and cover
- wormy apples counting
- even and odd socks
- monster 0-20 ten-frames game
- monster roll and cover
- monster worksheets (1)
- monster worksheet (2)
- monster worksheet (3)
- beehive counting by 10's
- duck number line
- making teen numbers
- grocery count and clip
- counting cookies
- counting jewels
- ice cream cone patterns
- shape matching
- ten-frame worksheets
- counting frogs

{Classroom Decorations}
- laundry pictures for theme introduction
- seed we eat pictures for theme introduction
- apple pictures for theme introduction
- America pictures for theme introduction
- insects pictures for theme introduction
- calendar pack
- paleontologist poster 
Bible books cards (calendar time)
calendar cards (frog theme)

- quilt pieces puzzles
Cars puzzles
- pirate bingo/matching cards
space bingo/matching cards
- circus bingo/matching cards
- Mickey color matching game
- color gradient matching game
- Bethlehem journey game
- quilt patterns game
- treasure map games
- yarn color matching
- animals and their homes matching
- laundry sorting game
- sock matching

{Home Decorations}
- perfect elf day
- boy Bible verse
- girl Bible verse
- boy Bible verse (2nd)
- worthy is the Lamb
- Lady and the Tramp quotes
- elf diet
- whole ocean Finding Nemo quote
- keep swimming Finding Nemo quote
- fish are friends Finding Nemo quote
- Jesus Storybook Bible quote
- spring Narnia quote
- craft room saying
- Star Wars quote
                                                        - laundry sign

- John Deere picture cards
- moving countdown
- travel journal


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