B is for Bangladesh (year 2, week 38)

We have very special guests from Bangladesh staying at our house next weekend, so I thought it would be a good idea for us to study a little about that interesting country.

We looked at some traditional games, saw videos of girls doing henna, and dug into our Asia continent box.  We talked about some of the different British English words that their friends might use compared to our American English ones.  And we ate a few of the favorite foods of Bangladesh (mostly rice), and watched videos of rice planting and tea harvesting.

We're so excited for our special company!

- B is for Bangladesh
- Children Just Like Me

- playing in the rain
- market day
- kids playing
- Christian church service
- dancing
- life in a village (kids)
- Dhaka city life
- a day in Dhaka (subtitled)
- street foods

- world cook (website)
- khanapakana (website)


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