E is for Eye Doctor (year 2, week 37)

Dragonfly and I had appointments at the eye doctor this week, so we made learning about eyes our theme for the week.  We spent quite a bit of time before the appointment talking about the eye tests that the doctor gives in his office and watched some videos that showed all the equipment that they use.  One of the videos showed an eye model and talked about the parts of the eye.

Our eye appointment went very well!  All the extra prep really paid off.  I could tell that Dragonfly was nervous, but she did as the doctor asked.  After both of our appointments, the doctor showed her the eye model and went through the parts.  She can now name a few of them, like pupil and iris.

Later in the week, we talked about the outer parts of the eyes and how to take care of our eyes.

Dragonfly and I also played a new game (coming soon to the blog) called "Popcorn Letters," where we took turns pulling a letter tile out of a popcorn container and placing them on a game board.  I started with just seven tiles, but Dragonfly wanted to do all the letters.  She didn't know the names of very many of them, but the game was an easy way for us to practice letter names and phonics sounds.  As I suspected, the entire alphabet was way too much for her, but it did give me lots of insight for next time.

- a 5 year old visits the eye doctor
- my trip to the eye doctor
- field trip to the eye doctor
- eyes for preschoolers
- how your eyes work
- sense of sight

- ping pong eyeballs
- candy eyes
- glow in the dark google eyes
- eye beach balls

- whose eye is this
- 3 part cards for the parts of the eye
- outer parts of the eye
- i-spy printables

- spooning eyes
- counting eyes
- eyeglasses shop
- eyeball slime
- ping pong ball eyes
- i-spy
- hand/eye coordination games
- stick google eyes on random things (rocks, fruit, cups)
- i-spy bag/bottle/quilt


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