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Dragonfly is going to start kindergarten next year, which means that she'll be introduced to place value a little bit.  Instead of buying a commercial set of base-10 blocks or something similar, I've decided to DIY a place value set with supplies that we already have in the house.  Our Cuisenaire Rods came with white "ones" blocks and orange "tens" blocks, so it makes since to use them as our ones and tens for place value work.  Since the C-rods didn't come with a 100-block, I created some that are roughly the same size as 10-ten-blocks in a row.  One of those 100-squares, I'm going to modge-podge onto a 4" wood square from Etsy, just so she can understand the 3D aspect of 10 orange rods becoming a 100 square.  The rest, I've cut out and laminated so they'll be durable but don't take up too much room.

My PDF includes a place value board, where all the places are colored according to the ones, tens, and hundreds blocks.  As we're doing our math, we can lay the colored blocks on the board to help us visualize the place value.  I used velcro dots to affix the place value board to our math toolbox.

I have also made place value cards in the same colors as our blocks.  The hundreds cards are written with three digits, the tens cards are written with two digits, and the ones cards are written with one digit.  The cards can be used separately (like in the picture above) or stacked to make three-digit numbers.

I'm really hoping that this will help our place value learning and save us a bit of money too.

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FREE Place Value Chart from In Our Pond


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