Back to School Interviews (2016)

I haven't done a kid interview on my blog in a long time.  That's disappointing.  I'm going to rectify that today!

{Dragonfly- age 5}

Friends: my cousins and my friend at church (I'm withholding names for privacy)

Favorite Thing to Play: blocks and dublos and swimming pool and tree house and water and bicycle and slide and wood

Favorite Color: pink and blue and black and yellow and orange and green and purple

Favorite Book: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Favorite Movie: Bubble Guppies

Favorite Food: macaroni and cheese and brownies- love those!

When I Grow Up: "I just want to be a mommy with a baby" (she said doctor first then switched it).  Later, she said, "I want to be a doctor of babies."

Quotes: "Call me Jayda." (such an Anne-girl)

{Skimmer- age 4}

Friends: Aunt Emi

Favorite Thing to Play: Cars!  Cars!  Monsters! (trucks)

Favorite Color: black

Favorite Book: Cars

Favorite Movie: Dinosaur Train and Bubble Guppies

Favorite Food: mac and cheese

When I Grow Up: Dinosaur Digger

                                       Quotes: "I a box man" (UPS man)

{Tadpole- age 3}

Friends: mommy

Favorite Thing to Play: motorcycles and water

Favorite Color: blue

Favorite Book: truck book (Little Blue Truck)

Favorite Movie: Zoo-me-zoo-me (Team Umizoomi) and Cars

Favorite Food: hamburger

When I Grow Up: food! grown up!

Quotes: "


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