g is for gorilla (year 3, week 2)

Last week, we focused on the entire globe as we learned about apples.  This week, we're narrowing our focus to Africa, where we'll stay for about a month.  Our theme this week was on monkeys and apes (and some lemurs).  I was surprised how hard it was to find information or resources about this topic.

Our weekend was very busy.  We went to a county fair with my parents and sisters, where the kids rode lots of rides.  We stayed for the rodeo, which meant a late night for everyone.  The next day, Dragonfly went fishing for the first time with Daddy and Grandpa.  On the way home, our car broke down.  With all the event of the weekend (and the crowds), we started the week tired and behind.

Gymnastics class!  That's pretty much our entire day.

Dragonfly did 2 math worksheets today.  She's doing very well with her concepts and is still enthusiastically desiring to move ahead.

We tried a new thing with handwriting, where she traced in pencil words that I had written with highlighter.  It was very fun and easy to see both my writing and hers.  She wrote her full name and some words from our science lesson this week (gorilla, ape, etc).  Then, I had her draw a picture of something related to the words.  She started with a tree, then added sky, a river, a waterfall, grass, flowers, and a giraffe.  This was the first time that she has ever tried to tell a story with her coloring.  She enjoyed it and is asking to do it again (I'd like to do it once a week or so).

We homeschooled at the dentist today!  One of the kids' had a cleaning, so we all had to go.  The dentist showed the kids a teeth model and explained cavities to them.  I think we need to do a teeth unit in the future (because of interest).  Perhaps during one of our "break" weeks this year.

We also started AWANA (Bible club) today.

We finally got to monkeys and apes!  I showed the kids pictures of the animals from my monkey and apes printable.  We sorted the primates, then matched the Safari toob animals to the cards.  I had hoped to do a sensory bin with them, but it just didn't happen this week.

Dragonfly did another 4 lessons in her math workbook.  She loves math and science!

Daddy's day off.  The kids napped and played while the grown-ups "got stuff done."  It was a very productive day- but not very scholarly.

We will do our Interactive Notebooks on Saturday.  Maybe we'll get a sensory bin put together, too.

Update- here's what we did for our science notebook this week:

Blog Posts About Gorillas
- rainforest review game
- 10-frame-printable- monkeys and apes 3-part cards (printable)
- sorting monkeys and apes
- making teen numbers

- Curious George pack
- Curious George lapbook

Gorilla Ideas
- gorilla hand print comparison
- monkey clothespins
- barrel of monkey game
- banana grams CVC words
- barrel of monkey activities
- Good Night Gorilla book ideas

- all about animals: gorillas
- apes and kids (fun)
- wild monkeys (species)


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