Kindergarten Curriculum 2016-2017

This year, we're adding some "real" curriculum to our homeschooling year.  We're going to continue our science-based themed weeks (more on that in another post), but we're also going to add some reading, 'riting, and 'rithmatic books.  Dragonfly is very excited to start kindergarten.

I had originally planned on using a curriculum for phonics, but Bullfrog (hubby) and I decided against it.  We're going to use the resources that we already have in the house and on the internet to guide us.  I also intend to make use of audiobooks and read-alouds from Youtube.  Of course, we'll continue to do lots of chapter book reading as a family.

I really like the Charlotte Mason idea of using copywork to teach handwriting, grammar, punctuation, etc.  The copywork allows the child to practice meaningful handwriting without having to think of a subject to write about.  I'm sure that we'll do some Scripture copywork (maybe in relationship to the Awana verses she'll be memorizing) and probably some inspiring quotes.

I have also gathered a variety of writing materials to encourage Dragonfly to explore handwriting in different ways.  We have a sand tray, chalkboards, and white boards for "non-permanent" practice.  The "official" copywork will probably be on kindergarten-level lined paper or in a picture journal notebook.

I've been doing Bible copywork for my own edification, so Dragonfly has been seeing my write in cursive.  She's been pretending to do "Loopy Writing" and has already learned several letters just from imitation.

We're going to use Horizons Kindergarten math this year.  Horizons uses a spiral approach and pretty colors that should keep the interest level high.  It amazes me that Dragonfly will go from only a basic understanding of numbers and values to exploring the numbers to one hundred, place value, addition, subtraction, money, and the clock- all in one school year!  I'm really excited to see her learning and to use all the homemade math stuff we've made.

What About the Boys?
The boys will be 4 and 3 this school year.  I'm mostly going to have them work on letters and phonics sounds with these Alphabet coloring pages.  They will also do some number and shapes work with dollar store workbooks and free printables off the internet.  I'm sure they'll join Dragonfly for math games and, of course, will be doing our science themes with her.  This year, I really want the boys to focus on their fine-motor skills, which will mean lots of play dough, coloring, cutting, etc.  I'm sure that they'll also do lots of sensory bins and even more unstructured play time.

We're also doing gymnastics and Awana this year.

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