e is for elephant (year 3, week 4)

I was pretty excited about this week of Mommy School.  We were doing an easy theme- elephants and the African safari.  But, our week didn't go at all like we had planned.

Gymnastics class!  And we didn't go again.

We had a family emergency, and ended up taking a last minute road trip.  When we got to our destination, the car broke down.  Fortunately, my sisters stepped up and helped me with the children and my other family members took care of transportation and the vehicle.  It was a good, hard day.

The car was at the auto shop all day, so we stayed in the city with my family.  Dragonfly got introduced to the Magic School Bus tv show and loved it.

AWANA day!

We made it home from the city in time to go to AWANA.  We were exhausted, but I'm glad we went.  The kids got their vests and got credit for their memory work.

I struggled today with wanting to sleep/rest, clean/organize, or homeschool/catch-up.  I had so many things for us to do for "elephant" week, and I'm a bit disappointed that I couldn't do all of them.

Daddy was home.

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