Rules for Gift Giving

10 more Mondays until Christmas!

Thanks to Pinterest, parents everywhere are simplifying that Christmas gift giving event with "rules."  Some people chose the "gold, frankincense, and myrrh" 3-gift rule.  Others go with the four-gift rule: "something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read."  But, why stop at four?  Here's twenty more "rules" that you could employ for your holiday shopping.

1- something to play (instrument, video game)

2- something to learn (instrument, game, kit)

3- something to make (craft, art, kit)

4- something to write (journal, book-in-a-year, notebook, stationary)

5- something big (car, trampoline, bike, couch)

6- something to cook/bake (cookbook, kit, coupons)

7- something to watch (movie, video game)

8- something for listening (device, earphones, music, audiobook)

9- something cozy (blanket, sweater, cocoa mix, pillow)

10- something to eat (gourmet food, favorite snacks, mix)

11- something useful (vacuum, blender, tie rack)

12- something for growing (Bible, devotional/help book, garden supplies, growth ruler)

13- something small (jewelry, sd card, chapstick)

14- something sweet (homemade treats, favorite candy, local honey)

15- something cheap (candy, $ store items, gum, altoids)

16- something plastic (gift card, toy, tupperware)

17- something geeky (device, fan-gear, computer stuff)

18- something old (heirloom, regift, antique)

19- something to smell (tea, coffee, candles, essential oils, perfume)

20- something homemade (baked, made, knitted, crafted, sewn, constructed)

Here's how the 4 gift rule worked in our house last year.


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