Felt Pies (pattern)

Happy Thanksgiving!

The kids are getting a play kitchen for Christmas, so I made them some food.  Here are the pies.  They are sized to fit in a 6 inch mini pie pan like this one.

The recipe for this pie is pretty easy 😉  Use my pattern to cut out a base and sides out of off white or light brown felt.  Cut the larger circle out of red, blue, or purple felt to act as the berries.  If you're feeling very bold, use pompoms to simulate the berries.  Using another set of tan/brown felt, cut it into ½ inch strips and lattice weave it, gluing the crosses with fabric glue.  Sew the base onto the sides piece.  Cut a piece of sturdy cardboard as a stabilizer.  Set aside.  Begin sewing the "berry" top to the top edge of the pie, adding creases every couple inches to keep the top even.  About halfway around, put cardboard circle inside pie and sew another few inches.  When you have a 2 inch section left, begin stuffing the pie, taking care to keep the cardboard at the base.  Make sure you get stuffing securely into the "corners" of the pie to help it keep it's shape.  Stuff firmly.  Sew the pie shut the rest of the way.  Next, lay the lattice top onto the berry part of the pie and stitch it onto finished edge.  Trim the top as you work to ensure that the fabrics join neatly.  Congratulate yourself on a beautiful pie.

In some ways, the pumpkin pie is harder than the berry.  The crust took longer for me to figure out, and I'm not sure that it's the best method to make this kind of crust.  The pie is make similar to the berry one, except that you use the smaller top to keep the pie flatter.  The crust is done by cutting 2 inch strips of tan fabric, folding it into thirds (about ¾" wide), and wrapping the thread around sections to create bunches.  I ran the thread through the middle of the strips from one section to another to keep the top and bottom part of the crust nice.  When you finish a strip, beginning sewing the underside of the crust to the top of the pie.  I held the pie upside down and sewed from the bottom of the crust, catching a bit of crust and a bit of pie as I worked.  Continue crust until you've gone all around the pie.

I have wanted to make felt pies for a long time, but I never found a pattern and was hesitant to make them without a recipe.  Because I've done the work and made the pattern, I want to offer it to the crafting community for free.  Just click on the link below to download it as a PDF.


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