l is for lizard (year 3, week 8)

I don't know what it is about the American Desert, but we never seem to do very well learning about it each year.  I don't get it.  This week sort of got away from me.  Part of it was because of the holiday on Monday.  I also was fighting sickness all week.  The end of the post has ideas for your own desert unit study.

Today was Reformation Day, so we got donuts for a special treat (we don't do trick-or-treating).  We talked about how "life without Jesus is like a donut- cause there's a hole in the middle of your heart (the Donut Man)."  Life with Jesus is sweet like a donut!

We also talked a bit about the Reformation; although they're a bit young for the details.

Dragonfly did some math workbook and we worked on our 10-frame to make ten.  We rolled a dice to find the first number, then put counters on the board to equal the second.  She'd been doing well at addition, but was challenged by the 10-frame.

We cleaned the house today and made banana muffins!

AWANA day!

I got sick again and we didn't do any schooling.

No school again.

Blog Posts About Lizards
themed 10-frames
- d is for desert unit
- themed sand trays
- Safari Ltd desert toob matching cards
- mini matching cards for desert toob
- cattle drive board game

- Wild West preschool pack

- desert sand writing tray
- heat sensitive and color changing goop
- desert themed activities
- sensory bin
- panning for gold

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