Homeschool Inspiration

It's only March, but already I've started thinking about next year.  I have been Pinterest-ing some homeschooling ideas, looking at ways other moms organize, and gathering ideas.  Here are five blogs I've found inspiring lately.

The picture is what struck me the most about this blog post.  It reminds me of Mary Poppins.  I loved her comparisons of how schooling at home is different than homeschooling.

This blog post was meaningful, because this mom has fifteen kids.  Her homeschool organization ideas are practical and real and not very "Pinterest-worthy."  Which I love.

I've realized lately that I don't want to plan next school year.  This blog post was helpful because it's the story of a real family who follows their interests and schools with the end goal in mind.

This mom has three little ones, just as I do.  Her blog post is about why she schools in the evening after her husband is home.  Since we've been testing out the same idea, I wanted to feature her blog post.  She has a bunch of unit studies on her website, too, so be sure to check them out.

This is a blog post and a list that I'll want to visit often.  I love her idea of a poetry teal; although I'm not sure how it would work with energetic boys.  She also advocates lots of reading aloud and memorizing.

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