Organizing Your Blog with InLinkz

A few weeks ago, I learned of the option to use InLinkz to organize my blog, and have been working on it ever since.  InLinkz is well-known among bloggers as a tool for hosting blogging parties.  Using the same concepts as a link-up, it's also possible to use InLinkz to create a visual menu of your blog posts.  Basically, you set up a link-up, but you only put your own blog posts on it.

This is what my blog looked like before using InLinkz to organize it.  I thought it was visually appealing, but was a bit dull.  In a world where scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram is a legitimate hobby, I knew I needed to add more pictures to help maintain interest in the blog.

Organize Your Blog with Inlinkz from In Our Pond

Now, instead of a list, you have a beautiful grid of attractive pictures.  I really like how it utilizes more of the blog space and exudes organization.  The two downsides to this program is that it's outside of blogger, so you manually have to add your blog posts, and that you have to have a new "link-up" for every category of organization.  InLinkz can host as many link-ups as you chose, but it gets to be a bit cumbersome when you need to find a link-up to add a new blog post.

Organize Your Blog with Inlinkz from In Our Pond

I could write a tutorial on how to use InLinkz, but it would be easier to just follow the blogger that I used.  I'm very pleased with the way the blog looks now.  For me, it's worth the $3 a month and extra work to get it organized this way.

Organize Your Blog with Inlinkz from In Our Pond

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