Honey Bee Teen Board

FREE Bee-Themed Montessori Teen Board from In Our Pond
bees from Wikimedia Commons

It's bee week!  All this week, I'll be sharing fun, Montessori-inspired honey bee printables!  I've been having so much fun making them.  I hope you enjoy using them.

Today's printable is a Montessori-style Teen Board, a math game to show how teen numbers are created.  The child goes through the numbers 0-9, working each number separately in order.  They use the blank circle and the bee counters to work the math problem of 10+0 to 10+9.  As they work the problems, the child can begin to fill in the teen chart starting with 10 and working until 19.  The task is finished with the chart is completely filled out.

FREE Bee-Themed Montessori Teen Board
bees from Wikimedia Commons

Random Honey Bee Fact:
Bees have 5 eyes- 2 compound eyes on each side of their head and 3 small ocelli eyes in the middle of their head.


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