Learning with Dominoes, Dice, and Playing Cards

Learning Ideas with Dominoes, Dice, and Playing Cards from In Our Pond
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In homeschool as in life, novelty is the spice that makes it interesting.  Variety doesn't have to equal fancy equipment or supplies.  Some of the easiest things to use for school are the most common- Dominoes, Dice, and Playing Cards.

*indicates a printable resource*

DIY Dominoes, Dice, or Playing Cards
- letter dice*
- monster greater than, less than game*
- rhyming dominoes
- graphing dice*
- alphabet dominoes*
- dominoes font
- fraction dominoes*
- transportation dominoes
- hexi cards*
- cursive letter dominoes


- how to play Mexican Train game
- sort by face value
- place value number comparisons 
- multiply the face values
- even and odd sort*
- double digit addition and subtraction
- multiplication war
- how to program dominoes for learning games
- dominoes doubles (addition) parking lot game*
- mixed fractions

- themed 10-frames*
- more 10-frames*
- pond race*
- roll and cover games*
- firetruck roll and cover games*
- monster roll and cover game*
- metamorphosis roll and cover game*
- roll an array*
- roll to 100
- dice area and perimeter
- roll and write numbers
- dice and pill containers
- rainbow spelling

Playing Cards
- playing card addition mats
- uno cards and dominoes
- fractions
- multiplication war
- uno
- sight words uno*
- add them up*
- place value*
- make 10 game


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