10 Must Own CDs for Kids

We love listening to music as a family.  It's on almost every time we get in the car and several times thoughout the day in the house.  In both the house and the car, we use bluetooth transmitted from phones.  With the Amazon Music Unlimited, we have an amazing variety of songs at our fingertips.  It's also allowed us to explore new music without commiting to buying the CDs.  These are our current favorites.

I've written about Songs for Saplings before in my Christian Doctrine for Preschoolers post.  We continue to enjoy these great songs, full of orthodox Christian doctrine and Bible verses.

This is our go-to road trip CD.  When we went on our 11-day road trip last year, we used this album to create stability and a sense of home wherever we roamed.  The children would be anxious, grumpy, would up, and tearful, and this CD would instantly calm them.  It was magic.  Every time we played it, at least one person would fall asleep.  We still play it when the kids need to be sedated after a big day.

We sing a lot of Getty hymns at church, so I love that my kids can get to know the songs in a very friendly way.  The words are sung by children, which my kids love.  The first time they heard the CD, they exclaimed, "Kids can sing church songs too!"  The best thing about this CD (and the sequel) is that the music is played by the Getty band, so it's not too hard on parents' ears and features the Celtic sounds that we expect from the Gettys.

This CD rocks!  Songs for Saplings is very conservative, but The Ology is a bit wild.  It's good for parents who need a bit of drum to their theology.  It even has a bit of rap.  The kids love the simple concepts that make sense to them.

These CDs are scripture put to melody.  Unfortunately, they can get a bit annoying, so I (the parent) can't listen very long.  The kids don't seem to mind and like hearing the verses they've already memorized being sung by others.  Once again, this emphasizes for them that the Bible isn't just important to our family, but to many people.

This album has been in our family a long time.  I think it was one of the first kids CDs we bought.  The Go Fish Guys have a lot of fun music and this one is no exception.

This CD is classic.  I remember laying on the floor with the songbook and listening to these songs on tape.  I was suprised when I heard it as an adult how many of them I remembered.

These are mainly silly songs, but we love the adoption song (I'm Adopted).  It gets played the most often.  Check it out- specially if you've been touched by adoption like our family.

Patch the Pirate is a well-known performer and has bunches of CDs for kids in all sorts of themes.  This hymns album is very traditional, so I found myself singing along right from the first listen.

This is my new favorite.  There are three CDs in this series, singing verses from Genesis to Revelation.  They are all lullaby songs, so there isn't a lot of heavy doctrine, instead the focus is on comfort and fearlessness.  It's a perfect album to play at bedtime to assure that Scriptures are the last thing the kids dwell on before they sleep.

All of these CDs can be found to buy on Amazon or you can listen for free with Amazon Music Unlimited.  I hope you and your kids enjoy!

What's your kids' favorite CD?  Answer in the comments!

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  1. I will share this with my sister as her kids love to listen to music and dance

  2. We have several of these. My 12 year old's favorite is still the Go Fish one. I'd add in some of the Veggie Tales CD's and we have a Bible on CD for kids that has some Bible songs mixed in in appropriate places (the song about Zacchaeus is with his story etc.) It's great for young kids to introduce them to the Bible and all the Sunday school songs.

  3. We own "Wee Sing Bible Songs" and I used to play the cassette all the time when my kids were little. That's so cool that there is a kid's version for Getty! I'll have to look into that!

  4. Definitely passing this along to a couple of couples I know who are expecting or hoping to be soon:)

  5. No VeggieTales?? I mean - those videos teach Biblical values - and they're appealing even to some of us adults!

  6. This is a great list!!! We can't wait to get the Getty's CD!!

  7. I can only stand Veggie Tales CDs in small quantities and my husband doesn't like them at all :-) My kids don't like the movies either- don't know why not.


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