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15 Ideas to Exalt Christ at Christmas Time

This is the last All Wrapped Up blog post!  I hope you enjoyed this month of gift guides and Christmas ideas.  Today, I'd like to focus on exalting Christ at Christmas time.  This is a frequently discussed topic among Christian parents, so I thought I'd put all the basic ideas in one place.

Nativity Book Countdown
The first blog post in this series was a Nativity book countdown, listing twenty-four stories that could be read one a night until Christmas.  Families that already do bedtime stories would find it easy to add these books to their routine.

DIY Wood Peg Doll Nativity Set
Of course, Nativities are a traditional Christmas time decoration, but there are so many from which to chose from.  I thought this toddler friendly Nativity set is adorable.  She made it with scraps of fabric and plain peg dolls.  My kids have enjoyed the Fisher Price plastic set with cute, chunky pieces.  Someday, I'd like to own this Willow Tree set, perhaps after the kids are a bit older and I h…

Choo-Choo Train Gifts


My boys love everything with wheels, which lately has meant trains!  Tadpole enjoys putting things into lines, which is exactly what trains are all about.  He especially likes the magnetic cars that allow him to make really long snakes to drive through my kitchen.  If you have a train-loving son or grandson (or daughter/granddaughter), I'm sure you'll find something for him on this list.

Train Whistle and Conductor Hat
These first two toys are classics.  Every child should have a hat to wear while he runs through the house blowing the train whistle.  If you get one set for every kid, it'll be like living in a train yard!  Buy one today by clicking on the links .

Wood Train Tracks
This is the track set that we own, because it's interchangeable with a bunch of other brands.  It would be great on a train table or or just on the floor.  Builder toys like this allow kids to plan, problem solve, and enjoy the fruits of their labor.  And, imagine how large of a track yo…

Romantic Gifts for Lovers

Today is my twelfth anniversary, so I thought it would be a good day to do a Gift Guide of romantic things.  We got married the day after Thanksgiving, and Bullfrog says that our anniversary is always "Black Friday" so we can have a four-day weekend every year.  We don't usually go gifts, but this list is definitely tempting me.  Can you guess which one I would buy?

This list isn't just for anniversary presents.  The gifts on the list could be given for Christmas, Valentine's Day, or anytime!  Click on the links to view the products.

1- Up House Craft Kit

2- Kissing Mugs

3- Huge Teddy Bear

4- Gold-Dipped Rose

5- "I Love You" Toilet Paper

6- Date Night Stormtrooper

7- Jumbo Heart Pillow

8- Battery-Operated Wax Candles

9- Wicker Picnic Basket

10- TableTopics Couples

11- Heart of the Ocean necklace

Only 5 more days of Gift Guides! Click on the picture to go to the full list.

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Gifts for Campers and Glampers

Camping Gear is such a great thing for holiday gifts.  Whether you're buying for the backpackers in their 20's, the tent campers in their 30's, the glampers in their 40's, or the RVers in their 50's- every camper needs more stuff!  This category is also a great one for "camping evangelism."  Have a friend that you want to bring camping with you?  Buy them a tent!  Have a relative who is always cold?  Buy them a sub-zero sleeping bag!  Know someone who complains about eating only hot dogs camping?  Buy them a camp cookbook!  There is no end to the amount of things you can buy for camping!

I had so much fun putting this list together.  I asked others for their favorite camping items, I polled my children, and I shopped Amazon.  I hope you find something for everyone on your list.  Click on the links to buy any of the products featured.

1- Coleman Xtreme Cooler
Car Campers love their coolers and this Coleman is one of the best.

2- Reversible Outdoor Mat
I lov…