Gifts for Campers and Glampers

Gifts for Campers and Glamper: a gift guide from In Our Pond

Camping Gear is such a great thing for holiday gifts.  Whether you're buying for the backpackers in their 20's, the tent campers in their 30's, the glampers in their 40's, or the RVers in their 50's- every camper needs more stuff!  This category is also a great one for "camping evangelism."  Have a friend that you want to bring camping with you?  Buy them a tent!  Have a relative who is always cold?  Buy them a sub-zero sleeping bag!  Know someone who complains about eating only hot dogs camping?  Buy them a camp cookbook!  There is no end to the amount of things you can buy for camping!

I had so much fun putting this list together.  I asked others for their favorite camping items, I polled my children, and I shopped Amazon.  I hope you find something for everyone on your list.  Click on the links to buy any of the products featured.

Gifts for Campers and Glamper: a gift guide from In Our Pond
1- Coleman Xtreme Cooler
Car Campers love their coolers and this Coleman is one of the best.

2- Reversible Outdoor Mat
I love our outdoor rug!  It's made of woven plastic, so nothing sticks to it and dirt and sand fall through it.  It's great for the kitchen area, in front of the tent, or to create a play area for children.

3- Hydration Backpack
A backpacking and hiking staple.

4- Expanding Marshmallow Forks
Another camping staple.  We love to eat our marshmallows stuffed with candy.  Starbursts are quite amazing roasted over the fire as well.

5- Enamel Cooking Pot
There are as many types of cooking pots as there are campers, so each shopper should research on their own to find the best fit for their recipient.  I really like the classic look of this enamel one.

Gifts for Campers and Glamper: a gift guide from In Our Pond
6- Happy Camper Stone Coasters
These coaster are so colorful and fun, they'd liven up any trailer or RV.

7- Campfire Grill
If you want to move past food on a stick, then you probably will want this campfire grill.

8- Rubber Mallet with Tent Stake Hook
This super practical tool is a must have for tent campers.  Stakes are much easier to drive if you have a hammer (don't try to use your shoes) and the hook on the back makes taking them back out again super simple.

9- Camping Rules Pillow
Throw pillows are a necessary part of a glamper's gear, and this one is perfect for a trailer or RV.  It has all the "rules" listed out to help everyone know just what to do when they're camping.

10- Blow-Up Air Bed
We sleep on a regular air mattress, and this air bed looks very luxurious.

Gifts for Campers and Glamper: a gift guide from In Our Pond
11- Unbreakable Wine Glasses
We don't drink wine, but these pink glasses were too fun not to include.  Wine and Glamping just go together like popcorn and movies.

12- Flushing Camp Toilet
A flush toilet while camping has to be the height of luxury!  No more middle of the night trips to the cold outhouse for the woman you love.  She'll never stop thanking you!

13- Pampered Camper Wood Sign
Campers who like to decorate their trailer, RV, or cabin will chuckle at this whimsical sign.

14- Realtree Pink Comforter
True Glampers don't use sleeping bags- they sleep in real beds with real sheets.  Top your luxurious bed off with this fluffy camo comforter.

15- Gourmet Girls Campfire Cookbook
Glam girls don't eat hot dogs!  They cook real gourmet food over the campfire, which they, of course, pair with just the right wine.  This book just might get your picky friend into the woods.

Gifts for Campers and Glamper: a gift guide from In Our Pond
16- Camping Chair
We always have so many camping chairs when we're out, but we love to get new ones too.  This teal one is such a pretty color!

17- Folding Camp Kitchen
A food prep area is very important, and it's nice if the kitchen stuff doesn't happen at the table.  The great thing about a folding kitchen like this is that it allows you to stay outside while you wash dishes.

18- Wenzel 10-Man Cabin Tent
We have a 2-room cabin tent a lot like this one, and we love it.  We put two queen air mattresses in it and could probably fit a third.  Plus all our gear.  It's a winner!

19- Melamine Plastic Dishes
I really like the look of these plastic dishes.  They look like the enamel ones of old, but with the lightness of melamine.

20- Coleman Lantern
I've had my eye on this neat lantern for a while.  With all the flashlights attached, it give 360 light.
One or more flashlights can be removed without
the rest of them going out.  So cool!

Gifts for Campers and Glamper: a gift guide from In Our Pond
21- Yard Ornaments
These flamingos would be the perfect gag gift for someone who just bought their first trailer or RV.  Pink, plastic birds are a classic of Glamping.

22- Throw Pillow
I decided to have some fun putting together the Glamping-est list I could think of.  These birds on a bike make me laugh.

23- Flamingo Lights
So much fun!

24- Drink Holder
This is the tackiest drink holder I could find.  Adorable for the glamper in your life.

25- Pink Sheets
I actually like these pink flamingo sheets, and I think they'd be perfect for a retro teardrop camper.

Gifts for Campers and Glamper: a gift guide from In Our Pond
26- Northwoods Caddy
I'm in love with buffalo plaid right now.  This caddy is so cute!  I'd put picnic stuff in it.

27- Coleman Sleeping Bag
We own this sleeping bag for one of the kids.  It's very nice.  The outside is canvas, so it's not too slippery.

28- MyJo K-Cup Coffee Maker
This little device is pretty neat.  It uses hot water to press K-cups directly into your mug.  It think this would be great for college students too.

29- Buffalo Plaid Sheets
These flannel sheets look so cuddly for cold fall nights in the woods.  If/when I get a tent trailer, I want to do it up in the plaid.

30- Flannel-Back Tablecloth
We always cover the picnic table with flannel-backed tablecloths.  They have plastic tops that wipe off easily.  Just watch out for marshmallow forks

I had so much fun putting this list together, and it was hard to know when to stop.  I could have put so many more items on the list and done more "trailer decor" themes.  But, I'll just have do blog about those another day.

Come back again tomorrow for another All Wrapped Up blog post!

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Gifts for Campers and Glamper: a gift guide from In Our Pond

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Gifts for Campers and Glamper: a gift guide from In Our Pond

Gifts for Campers and Glamper: a gift guide from In Our Pond

Gifts for Campers and Glamper: a gift guide from In Our Pond


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