The Terrible Lie (Creation to the Cross Series- Day 2)

The Terrible Lie Bible Study for Kids from In Our Pond

Focus: Genesis 3 and sin
Activity: Cookie Temptation
Verse: Romans 3:23

I caught a nasty cold from the kids, so today didn't go as I had planned (and I think that will be true for the rest of the week too).   We can't really control much, can we?

Before dinner, I set a cookie in front of each kid.  I told them that they weren't allowed to touch their cookie, lick it, nibble it, or eat it, until I gave them permission after dinner.  I promised them that if they obeyed, then they would get two more cookies.  Some of my children had no problem following the One Rule.  Others tested the line a bit.

Throughout the meal, I periodically asked the kids, "Whose thinking about your cookie right now?"  They all raised their hands.

We told the story of the the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Gen 3) and God's rule that the first people not eat the fruit from this tree.  Adam and Eve had One Rule, just like my kids only had one rule about the cookie.  We talked about how difficult it might have been for Adam and Eve to forget about the tree and the fruit.  They were tempted by Satan, and disobeyed God.

At the end of dinner, each kid got two more cookies, and we talked about how obeying God is always worthwhile, even when we we're tempted to disobey.  We also talked to them about their own sin and our need for a Savior.  In Genesis 3, God promised to send one- we call Him Jesus.

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The Terrible Lie Bible Study for Kids from In Our Pond

Creation to the Cross- A Holy Week Study for Kids from In Our Pond


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