Montessori-Inspired Animal Tracks 3-Part Cards

Last week, I ran a Star Wars series every day with lots of fun, crafts, printables, and ideas for celebrating Star Wars Day.  This week, I bring you a full range of camping articles.  I had planned these as separate Travel Time Tuesday posts, but I had too many travel posts to put them only once a week.  Since camping season is coming soon, I wanted to get all these posts out for you early.

Today, I bring you a Montessori-inspired printable for homeschooling.  While we're in the woods, we often encounter animal footprints.  I'm not a good tracker, so making these 3-part cards was as much my learning experience as anyone else's.  It was very fascinating to me to compare the animals and what I know about them with their tracks.

These pictures can be matched in the traditional Montessori way, both with track to label, animal to animal, animal to label, or animal to track.  I tried to include the feet of the animals in the pictures to make matching a bit easier.

An expansion of this activity would be to gather some well-done plastic animals and make some tracks in play dough.  One person could make the footprints while the other person guesses what animal made them.  Plastic animals can also be used for 1-to-1 correspondence (counting), simple addition and subtraction problems, sensory bins, and many other things.

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