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Outrageously Amazing Toys for the Backyard

A few months ago, I did a post on making your backyard a paradise for kids.  In that article, I listed mostly homemade outdoor toys.  Today, I wanted to focus on manufactured toys.  My kids would love to own any of these amazing products.

Can you guess which one was Dragonfly's (age 7) favorite?  Six-year-old Skimmer's pick?  Or Tadpole's wishes- in his four-years of experience?  Which one would your kid chose?  Comment below!

MOUNTAIN CLIMBER- Work on hand-eye coordination and strengthen muscles

AIRPLANE TEETER TOTTER- The best part is the propeller

RIDE-IN JEEP- Vehicle for your 6-year-old

WATER SLIDE BOUNCER- My kids' dream summer water experience

CEDAR PLAYGROUND- This is the ultimate swingset

POD SWING- Great for sensory seeking kids

CABIN PLAYHOUSE- Adorable for pioneer play

CLIMBING DOME- Monkey around with this structure

TRAMPOLINE- My sensory-seeker would jump all day

CATERPILLAR TUNNEL- Crawl through the tunnel and peek through the windows 

BOUNCE HOUSE- Be the party a…

Montessori-Inspired Ant Life Cycle 3-Part Cards

Summertime is a great time to learn about ants.  Whether they're crawling on your food at a picnic or in your kitchen, your kids will probably have lots of questions about them.  Grab an ant farm, a couple great books about ants, and a Safari Ltd or Insect Lore life cycle set and start answering their questions!

Our family loves the life cycle sets from Safari Ltd or Insect Lore.  They're so awesome for learning about insects and other animals.  I made these Montessori-inspired 3-part cards that match the toys, which are a great expansion for sensory bins or as part of an ant learning theme.

Click on the Picture to Download the Printable
Print two copies to use in the traditional Montessori way, leaving one set of cards whole and cutting the other set of cards a part.  The 3-parts of the matching cards are the whole card (picture and label), the picture card, and the label card.  Students can match the three parts to each other when they are first learning or can match the pi…