Unique Ways to Give Gift Cards to Kids

Unique and fun ways to give gift cards to kids.  Make sure they have something fun to open on their birthday, Christmas, or any other gift-giving day.  // Life in Our Pond

Everyone loves the convenience of giving gift cards.  It's a super easy way to show someone you care.  It allows you to give a present, while allowing the other person to pick out what they want to buy.  Popular options include Starbucks (put it in a to-go cup), Amazon, or another restaurant.

More commonly, especially with children, gift cards are used to set aside money for a specific outing or experience.  For example, if the family is heading to a Disney park in the new year, the child may receive gift card to allow he or she to buy their own souvenirs.  You could just hand the gift card to the kid or put it in a cards, but that would be lame.  Here are some great ideas for unique ways to give gift cards to kids.  Click on the red links to visit the product pages.

This gift guide was inspired by a conversation that I had with my sister recently.  She is planning on giving one of my children an outing to Build-a-Bear, and was wondering how to wrap it so that the gift had value when compared to her brother's physical gifts.  I found this cute Design Your Own Teddy Bear sticker book and suggested that she add the gift card to the book.  My daughter will still have something to open on Christmas, the book will remind here of the imminent outing, and my sister will have only added $2 to her gift.  I think it'll be a win for everyone.

Movie Tickets
For years, I've been seeing the gift card idea of burying a movie ticket in a plastic mason jar of candy.  For a movie, you could put the card in the recipient's favorite movie-watching candy or provide popcorn kernels for a movie night at home.  If the movie tickets are for a specific movie event, then you could put the gift card with a small toy, storybook, or other novelty item from the movie.

Ice Cream
Wrap up your gift card with a set of ice cream bubbles from the Dollar Tree (you may only be able to find them in summer) or with a novelty squishy toy.  You could also slip the card onto a box of cones, put it with a pack of unique bowls, or tape it to the recipient's favorite toppings.  Another great option would be to buy a fun picture book and put the gift card between the pages.

Video Game Credits
Kids who enjoy playing video games often need gift cards for game credits or to buy a new game.  Why not make them work for it a bit with a mind-teasing puzzle box?  We're not gamers, so I'm not sure what other things to suggest.  Leave a suggestion in the comments.

Amazon Gift Card
There is an unlimited amount of things that can be bought with an A-Z Amazon gift card.  Many of the ideas that I've already listed would work for Amazon cards.  Perhaps a jar full of gumballs?  Or a cute storybook?  Or a blind bag?  Or maybe put it in the middle of a yarn ball and have the recipient unravel it to get the toy (it would make a good gift for a knitter or crocheter too).

Other Ideas
- disposable cup from restaurant
- Saran Wrap ball
- make a snowglobe (see the idea in action here)
- pack of gum
- mini gift basket (see the idea in action here)
- reuse an old playdoh container
- bury it in slime (see the idea in action here)
- put it in soap
- stack of boxes inside of boxes
- freeze in ice
- scavenger hunt

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Unique and fun ways to give gift cards to kids // Life in Our Pond // Cause just handing it to them is lame


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