Oreo Grid Game

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We're getting ready for National Oreo Day on March 6th with some great activities, foods, and crafts coming soon to the blog!  I also wanted to add an Oreo grid game to my collection of Battleship-inspired printable games.  The kids loved this one because it uses real mini Oreos that you can eat when you're done playing!

You can print 4 copies of the game board and play the grid like a battleship game, where players take turns guessing where the other person has hidden their Oreos.  When a cookie is found, the person player who found it gets to eat it (motivation- wink).  The game continues until all the cookies are found.  I recommend 5-10 per round.

For my younger kids who are still learning how coordinates works, like mine, can play the game in a Bingo-type of way.  I had my kids sit in a line in front of me with their game boards.  Then, I would hand them a cookie and give them a coordinate.  We only moved on when everyone had their cookie in the right place.  It wasn't a competition, but 2/3 understood how to find the right box after eight rounds or so.  Of course, their favorite part of game was getting to eat them at the end.

girl playing Oreo grid game

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sample game board for Oreo grid game with cookies on board

Grab Some Yummy Oreos for Game Day


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