Penguin Learning Ideas

Penguins Pool Party- single player puzzle game with 60 challenges

Penguins on Ice Math Frame- practice math facts and make a 100-chart or number line to 100

Playmobile Penguin Enclosure- littlest listeners will appreciate this adorable playset

Safari Ltd Penguin Toob- play with them in sensory bins and small worlds or match them to 3-part cards

Penguins on Ice- single player puzzle with 5 pentomino pieces and 60 challenges

Nesting Penguins- Russian nesting doll style penguins which are good for learning spacial skills

Safari Ltd Empire Penguin- name the body parts or play with him in a sensory bin

Wood Stacking Game- stack blocks in a certain way to support a penguin at the top

Lego Penguin Sets- fans of Lego will appreciate adding these penguins to their collection

Penguin Balance Scale- practice number recognition and basic math with this fun scale

Penguin Life Cycle Set- review how penguins grow and move through their life


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