Fly Catch Letter Match Game

I'm in a froggy mood lately.  It must be the spring weather.  Ever since the days when I first began this blog as a "preschool pond," frogs have been part of our homeschooling.  I have several more frog posts coming up in the next few months, but today I'm introducing a new printable!

This folder game comes with cut out fly pieces that fit in an altoid tin.  Each fly has a letter on it, which children can match to the bubbles surrounding the frog.  To make the activity fun and more challenging, give each child a Sticky Tongue Frog for catching the flies.  The game has two game boards with uppercase and lowercase letters to help kids learn the alphabet.

This activity pairs nicely with a springtime study of frogs.  Scroll to the bottom of the post to see all my frog printables and theme units.  Come back soon for more frog printables and a giant collection of frog learning stuff.

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