Donut Moveable Alphabet and Matching Game

Tomorrow, June 1, is National Donut Day!  Our tradition is to go to our favorite donut shop for a treat.  Do you celebrate?  Comment at the end of the post and tell me about it.  Yesterday, I posted a donut math activity to add to my collection of donut themed learning fun.  Today, I'm sharing a Montessori-inspired moveable alphabet.

The letters can be used to spell words that the child isn't able to write yet.  If the letters will be used primarily for spelling, I recommend printing more than one set.  In the official Montessori moveable alphabet, the vowels are blue and the consonants are red.  In my set, I reversed the colors and made the vowels pink.  I also made the uppercase letters with a brown background and the lowercase letters have a white frosting background, which is designed to make it easier for kids to recognize the differences between upper and lowercase.

The PDF also includes two alphabet learning activities, vocabulary cards, and a letter matching page.  The vocabulary cards can be used for practicing reading and spelling.  Laminate them and cut them out for the kids to match the letter donuts with the letters on the card.  The "coffee and donuts" letter matching page encourages kids to find either the uppercase or lowercase letters for the ones pictured.

Although the donut letters can be used in their paper form, I highly recommend mounting them on 1 inch wood disks.  I laminated the front of the donuts (in a strip) with packing tape, cut them out, and then glued them to the wood disks.  I put the letters on one side of the disks and the sprinkle donuts on the other.  Kids can also use the wood donuts for a matching game, too.  The PDF also includes a label for an Altoid tin.

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