Galaxy Battle Grid Games

These are the droids you're looking for in this Star Wars themed Battleship style game for early elementary kids.  Just like my other grid game (scroll down to see them all), kids use their map reading and knowledge of coordinates to find all the droids or stormtroopers.  Celebrate Star Wars Day (May the Fourth) with some math fun.

  To make the game, download the printable and print the game boards twice on cardstock (four pages).  I recommend laminating both game boards.  To assemble the game, cut away the excess laminate and tape or glue the boards onto a file folder, one for each player.

Place both opponents game boards back to back and clip the bottom edge of the upright boards together with clothespins to help the game stand up.  Alternatively, you could secure them along the tops with paper clips; although, players might have to take turns holding it up.

Because the game is laminated, right and wrong guesses (hits and misses) can be recorded on the upright board with a dry erase marker.  The game can either be played until all the clones or droids have been found or until 1 person finds 3-5 of their opponents pieces, depending on how much time the players want to spend at the game.

The game is free to download, so click on the links below to grab it for your own family or classroom!  Let me know in the comments what theme I should make next.

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Wow!  There are a lot of Star Wars themed games on the market!  Some of them would be good for gameschooling (homeschooling with games), while others would be just for fun.  Even the most "just for fun" game works on social skills like taking turns, cooperation, healthy losing, noble winning, humility, good sportsmanship, responsibility, and more!

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