Mosquito Letter Match Game and Sensory Writing Tray

The weather has warmed up just enough that the mosquitoes have awoken from their hibernation to pester us again.  Time for us to get out our Thermacell "repeller" when we're outside BBQing and to have lots of conversations about closing the door to the house.  It also means that Dragonfly (7) is back with her campaign of love for all mosquitoes, especially the mamas who are just trying to feed their babies.  Last year, her interest in mosquitoes encouraged me to make life cycle cards for them to match the Safari Ltd figurines.  This year, I'm back with more mosquito learning fun in the form of an alphabet matching game.

As readers of this blog will know, I love putting activities in Altoid tins!  This tiny mosquito game is no exception.  Print the cards and laminate them for durability (if desired), cut them apart, and put them in the tin.  The cards can be used in a traditional memory match game (every card turned to the backside) or as a single-player matching activity (every card turned to the front side).  They could be stuck in a sensory bin, hidden around the house, or put in Easter eggs.

The Altoid tin storage container means that the game can be brought with you anywhere and stored easily anywhere in the house.  It's great for full-time travelers and RVers too.  Play on a picnic table, while waiting for an airplane, at an appointment, or anywhere you find yourself this summer.

Another great thing you can do with these letter cards is use them for a sensory writing tray.  Pour out a shallow amount of salt, seeds, sand, or something else onto a plate or tray.  Then, have your child pick a card and write out the letter with their finger, a pencil, or a brush into the salt.  For the picture above, I used sesame seeds, which has a different texture than most things we have used recently.  Dragonfly also used the seeds for writing sight words, which was a great way to trick her into practicing spelling and phonics.

The adorable camping clipart comes from Kate Hadfield Designs on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I'm sure I'll be using it again soon.  Watch for some more mosquito printables and some other things using the cute pictures.  Tomorrow, I'll have a big roundup post with lots of learning ideas for several different insects.

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