Camping-themed Letter Tracing Cards

I don't know if it's possible to have too many letter tracing worksheets and activities when kids are learning how to write.  Whenever you can make it interesting and fun for them, it makes practicing their letters even better.  I now have alphabet cards for monster trucks, bugs, and ocean themes.  Today, I have a camping one for you!

Just like the other writing cards I have, these can be printed and laminated to use over and over.  I like to bind mine into a little booklet as well.  The kids love to write on them with whiteboard markers.  The blank backside of the cards provides a little whiteboard for practicing the letter without a template.

These cards are very useful at home or in a classroom, but they're even better on the go.  Take them camping, work on them in the car, or stash them in your "quiet bag" for restaurants or church.  Be sure to grab my other camping educational printables, too!

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