Painted Lady Butterfly Life Cycle 3-Part Cards

I probably should have posted this a month or so ago when everyone was talking about getting their
Butterfly Growing Kit from Insect Lore in the mail.  I'm a bit slow to catch on to those things, but I decided to post this Montessori-inspired life cycle set anyways.  Perhaps someone who is still considering getting caterpillars and growing butterflies will have use for them, and I know they will be useful for years to come.

These 3-part cards match the Insect Lore Painted Lady figurines, and are a great companion to the butterfly kit.  The cards go through the four life stages of butterflies, from egg to caterpillar to pupa, and finally to adult butterfly.  Print two copies of the cards to make the traditional Montessori 3-part card activity (see the picture at the end of the post for instruction).  Have the child match the figurines to the picture, the label, and the whole card (pictures and label) for reading and spelling practice.

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Since homeschoolers love to take one tiny activity (like growing butterflies) and turn it into an entire unit of learning, I thought it would be a good idea to gather up some resources for studying Painted Lady butterflies.  From books to figurines to games, I've got you covered!  For more general butterfly ideas, check out my insect life cycle printables and more post.

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