Smore Felt Food Pattern

I really enjoy making felt foods.  My kids don't really enjoy playing with them, though.  They'd rather look for frogs or dig in the dirt than make and eat fake food.  I'm not going to stop creating it, though, which is why I put together this fun Smore set for the end of camping week.  Like the watermelon, these marshmallows have been something I've been wanting to make for several years.

The Smore is very simple to make; although, the roasted marshmallow is a bit trickier.  Hopefully, I've explained it well below.  I hand-sewed my felt food, but you could machine sew parts of it.  I also made the unroasted marshmallows white and the roasted ones in cream.  You could do whichever color you want.  Fabric markers can be used to color burnt marks on the marshmallows, or you can cheat like I did and use tan felt.  Happy Crafting!


- 12" dowel rod
- 3 shades of brown felt
- white felt
- DMC embroidery floss
- poly fil stuffing
- sewing needle

Marshmallow Stick

Cut a strip of brown felt into roughly a 0.5" x 12" rectangle (it's ok if it's a bit uneven).  Fold the rectangle in half long ways to make a 0.25" x12" tube and sew the end and down the side.  When you get about halfway down the rectangle, add the stick to the inside of the felt.  Finish sewing the two sides together and the bottom closed.

Roasting Marshmallow

Cut out two white felt circles and the small rectangles according to the pattern.  Fold the rectangles in half and sew them together to make cylinders.  Take one circle and fold it in half and then half two more times.  Then, cut a small snip at the pointy part to cut out the center.  Aim for roughly the same size as the smaller cylinder, but it doesn't need to be perfect.

Sew the small cylinder to the hole in the circle.  Next, sew the larger cylinder to the outside of the circle.  Add a bit of stuffing to the marshmallow between the large and small cylinder.  Sew the other circle to the larger cylinder to finish the project.

Alternatively, you could make the marshmallow look like the one in picture by making one of the end circles light brown.  Or the whole outside.  Go wild and make it black like it's been burnt.  Make as many marshmallows as you'd like.  Perhaps store them in a ziplock bag or make a custom marshmallow bag for them.

Graham Cracker

Each cracker will need 3 cut out squares of felt.  Layer them carefully and sew them together.  Repeat for the second cracker.  I added the stitching down the center when I attached the entire smore together.

Chocolate Bar

I used 4 layers of felt for the chocolate bar to give it some volume.  Line them up with each other and sew them together.

Smooshed Marshmallow

Cut out 2 large white circles and sew them together along the outside edge, all the way around.  Pinch the circles and pull them away from each other.  Cut a small hole in the middle of one marshmallow and flip the circle inside out.  Stuff with fluff very lightly.

Layer the cracker, chocolate, marshmallow, and second cracker together to make the classic dessert.  Sew them together.  Since it's a large stack, I sewed the cracker to the marshmallow and then the second cracker to the chocolate with a few stitches into the marshmallow to hold it all together.  Hand the completed project to your child and watch their face light up.

What summer food should I add next to the felt food store?  Comment below!

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