Learn and Play with the Famous Mouse

Over the past week, I've published several learning activities featuring the world's favorite mouse.  For the last day, I wanted to do a big round-up with lots of Mickey ideas and printables to make your Mickey-themed learning unit even more fun.  This post is filled with lots of Mickey magic, so I hope you enjoy!

Use this confetti to make a Mickey-themed squishy bag like the one in the picture.  I used cheap hair gel from the Dollar Tree and a name-brand zip top bag (pro tip- rubbing alcohol takes off the label).  I added the blue duct tape around the edges of the bag to help reinforce them.  Lots of gel, like the one I made, is good for just squishing between your fingers and kneading.  Use a lot less to make a fun substance for handwriting practice.  This same Mickey confetti could also be used in a sensory bottle, sensory bin, or slime (we used less than half the bag for this project).

I also wanted to include a quick reference to all my Mickey printables that I've introduced over this week.  Click on any of the pictures to visit the posts.  Some of them will require a password to download them, which can be obtained by signing up to my newsletter.  You can receive the password by entering your email address below.

If you're putting together a Mickey-themed learning unit, be sure to grab some of the Mickey Classic Movies and consider getting a Disney history book for kids, too.  I really enjoyed putting together this series for everyone.  I'm sure I'll do some more in the near future, so be watching for it!  Pin this page to find everything again and to share it with others.

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