Mickey Math in a Tin

We love Altoid tins around here!  Every time we have a new project or need to organize something, I first ask if it will fit in a tin.  As readers of this blog know, I have a lot of math activities in Altoid tins, so I thought I'd add one more!  This week, we're celebrating America's Favorite Mouse with a bunch of educational printables and ideas featuring him.

This printable math activity features Mickey head math counters in three colors.  The number cards can be used to build a number line or to name a quantity of Mickeys on the 10-frame.  Use the cards to "write" out addition and subtraction problems, too.  My kids like to use their homemade math counters for their math workbook.

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One of the reasons I started making homemade math counters was because my daughter (7) was having trouble understanding addition with 3 addends.  As I mentioned previously, I made the Mickey heads in three colors, so you have the option of using the fun theme math set for longer.  You can even use the counters to show multiplication, division, and fractions!  Print it for yourself and get learning!

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