Mouse Letter Cards and Sensory Writing Tray

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!  Mickey Mouse!  Mickey Mouse!  If you haven't guessed it, this week is all about America's favorite mouse!  I've got lots of fun and educational ideas for you and your Disney loving kid.  Whether you're heading to Disney World to visit Galaxy Edge or staying home and watching Disney Channel, you'll find lots of portable and printable resources here.

My kids really enjoyed using the Mickey head shaped trays for the sensory writing activity.  I used red sequins as the substrate, which were very beautiful but didn't give a very clear image.  Salt or sand works the best for making a clean letter, so that's what I recommend especially for new writers.  A sand art kit would give you lots of color choices for many themes (or they can be mixed for more fun), since you only need a teaspoon or so for the tray.  Kids can then shake the tray to erase their markings and start over.  Challenge kids to write all the letters of their own name, all Mickey's letters, or every card in the deck.

The Mickey Mouse clip art is from Cherry M. Design on Etsy.

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These printable cards can be laminated and cut out to make a matching game or flashcards for letter learning.  They can also be used for spelling practice too!  Cut out the black Mickey heads to make them more interesting.  Bury them in a sensory bin and have the kids use the recording page to trace the letters as they're found.  If you laminate the recording page, it can be used over and over!

We're only half way through the week!  Come back tomorrow and Friday for more Mickey activities.  Scroll to the bottom of the post and click the picture to see all the printables and fun in one place!

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