Car Organization (post #1)

We currently drive a 5-seat car, which is stuffed full of car seats.  Since we're planning on adding more car seats eventually, we recently bought a 9-seat SUV.  This is our new Suburban.

Here's my first car organization project- a garbage can.  It's made out of a Dollar Tree plastic basket that I had hanging around the house.  Under the current garbage bag is a small pile of extras for easy refills.
For my second organization project, I created a super practical, quite ugly duct tape center console (very much in line with my personality).  Here's the finished product.
I started with an extra shipping box, then added junk from around the house.  I cut a clorox wipes canister down to make the cup holders and a crystal lite container to make some additional organizers.  A few key rings and some extra duct tape became the MP3 player pocket.  Here's the empty box to show you just how ugly the organizer is.
The next picture is the console box all filled up.  The box with the lid holds lollipops for special treats (and bribes), with a little bit of ribbon to ensure that I don't lose the lid.  The notch in the cardboard is to allow the wipes to open easily.  A box of tissues sit beside the wipes, which will hopefully prevent the tissues from getting too dirty or crushed.  There's a spot for a pen and a few granola bars, a water bottle and a can of pop.  The small pocket in the front holds the MP3 player with the radio transmitter cord held up with a extra key ring.  And, there's plenty of room for some extra goodies on the left side.
Stay tuned for more organizational tips.


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