Listening Eggs Task Box

I've been very interested in the idea of "task boxes" for quite a while and have devoted a lot of Pinterest time to them.  This first box is semi-original idea.  The game has two pieces to it, a simple plastic egg drop into the box (fine motor) and a listening (sensory) component.  Each of the eggs is filled with noisy things from around the house: rice, noodles, jingle bells, candy sprinkles, seeds, etc.  As I was making them, I took note of what I put in each one.  My intention is to make a game where the kids can guess what is in each one by what they can hear.  They're still a bit young for that level of concentration, but they have enjoyed shaking the eggs and dropping them through the holes.

If you want to make this game for yourself, you need a plastic shoe box, a craft knife, a hot glue gun, plastic eggs, and a variety of things to put in them.  You can chose to number them or not.  Be sure to hot glue (or super glue) them very well so they don't come open.

Hope you enjoy this idea- from our pond.


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