Preparing for Homeschooling

I've been preparing for months for our first year of Mommy School. As I've been obsessively browsing Pinterest, it's been really easy to get excited about the accademics.  I'm a nerd, and I can't wait to teach my kids about quadratic equations and US history.  It's got to be a sickness.

I found this chalkboard printable on the ABCs to ACTs blog and have decided that it needs to become my motto.  Instead of worrying about how much knowledge I can put into Dragonfly and Skimmer's heads, I need to focus on letting them be kids.  The time for sitting at a desk, filling out worksheets will come.  It's much more important that they play with tadpoles than that they can correctly identify the stages of a frog's life.  I'd rather the kids experience the wonder of a rainbow after a storm than that they can sort by rainbow colors.  Getting along, learning to do chores and be responsible, practicing obedience, and other character qualities are also important.

When the kids are all grown up, I hope they remember their life at home and not just their school at home.


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