Who Are We?

Bullfrog- the leader of the pond.  He is the husband of Hummingbird and the daddy to Dragonfly, Skimmer, and Tadpole (and good at it).  He works outside the home at a factory.

Hummingbird- the author of the blog.  I am the wife of Bullfrog and the mommy to Dragonfly, Skimmer, and Tadpole.  I work inside the home as a wife and mother.  Like the hummingbird, I tend to jump from project to project and can be a bit "flighty."  I'm hoping the blog provides me some accountability as I begin homeschooling my children.
 Dragonfly- our oldest daughter, who is currently 2 years old.

Skimmer- our oldest son, who is currently 1 year old.

Tadpole- our foster son, who is less than a year old.

We are a family that is growing by adoption. Only God knows how many will end up in our pond.


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