Working Songs

Motivating toddlers to clean up isn't easy.  As a mom, I try to have a routine with set cleaning times (ie- before bed), but there are also unscheduled times when the kids need to clean.  For those times, I've come to rely on musical cues to motivate them.  Here's what's on our cleaning playlist now:

- "Happy Working Song" from Enchanted
- "The Work Song" from Cinderella
- "Hi Ho" from Snow White
- "Spoonful of Sugar" from Mary Poppins
- "Whistle While You Work" from Snow White

I think it's very interesting to note that all of the Disney working songs come from older Disney movies (with the exception of Enchanted, which was a mockery of classical Disney).  It's from the older movies that we learn great truths like, "For every job that must be done, there is an element of fun." (Mary Poppins)  And, "It (the work) won't take long when there's song to help you set the pace." (Snow White).  Compare these "get the job done" lyrics with: "It's test the right, no wrong, no rules for me." (Frozen- but that's a different post all together).

It's not just modern Disney that's no longer producing working songs.  All kids' programs are shying away from asking kids to help others or to be responsible for their own belongings.  It's not considered important in our culture.  Instead, we push academics and "smarts."  As a result, we're raising kids with no work ethic, no personal responsibility, and no concern for others.

Parents of the world- it's time to teach our kids to clean!  Put on some fun music and dance your way to personal responsibility.


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