Hungry Bear Folder Game

One of our preschool weeks will be camping/woods themed.  To go with that theme, I've made a folder game entitled, "Hungry Bear Counting Game."  The child chooses their own number from 0-20 and writes it in the space provided.  Then, they count out the fish and place the correct number in the lake for the bear to "catch."  The elements of this board could also be used to teach addition and subtraction.  I plan on using velco to affix the fish in the lake, so working the addition and subtraction facts of 20 should be fairly easy.  I have even made some fish to face left and some to face right to aid in "higher" mathematical uses after counting.  This pack has two playing boards, which you can either place in a file folder and laminate or put in plastic sheet protectors, and one page of fish to cut out and laminate.

By the way, have I mentioned how much I LOVE my lamination machine.  I love the feeling of power I get when I cover something in plastic (hehe).  I bought an Apache laminator from Amazon about two months ago and have already laminated over 200 sheets. The machine has paid for itself already in the amount of money and time that I didn't spend getting my work laminated elsewhere.  I highly recommend buying your own.

To download the latest folder game, click on the link below.  Happy fishing!

Hungry Bear Counting Game

Bonus: Addition and Subtraction Mats


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