Ice Cream Cone Folder Game (free)

July is National Ice Cream month.  To help you celebrate, I've created an Ice Cream Cone Folder Game.  The object of the game is to build an ice cream cone that matches the one on the folder.  I have labeled this activity patterning, which was probably incorrect.  To fix that mistake, you can encourage your child to continue the pattern that was begun on the folder page.  After they complete that task, you can help them to make their own pattern.  The pack includes two pages of game boards and three pages of cones and scoops.  I recommend printing the last page, which has a scoop of every "flavor," a few times so that you have a lot of pieces with which to build.

We plan on making some ice cream flavored play doughs (like this one) to add to our ice cream fun.  I recently bought these plastic cups from Amazon to use in our dough play.

To download the folder game, click on the link below.  Have a fun July!

Ice Cream Cone File Folder Game


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