Baby Doll Care Kit (DIY)

Recently, for a little girl's birthday, I assembled a "Baby Doll Care Kit" for her gift.  I was inspired by this post, where a mom writes about setting up a baby doll washing station for play time.

I started with a plastic shoe box, which I thought could be used to store the accessories and possibly as the "bath tub."  I added a $1 wash cloth, a $1 hand towel, and a $1 bottle of baby soap (which I watered down quite a bit).  For clothing, I bought a $2 newborn size onesie and made some cute felt diapers following Jessica's idea (here).  Then, I added a tiny rubber duck that I already had in the house and a small cup (lid) for pouring.  Done and done for less than $10 and a bit of work (and really, it could have been done cheaper).

I forgot to get a pictures.  Lame, I know.  Here's a picture from the original diaper post:


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