Monster Week- Day 5

For our last day of Monster Week, I'm sharing my Math Monster Busy Bag game.  The file contains two sets of cards with the number 1-20 (presented in 10-frames and 20-frames) and one set of "math monster" cards.  The child will draw two cards, one from each set of numbers.  Then, he will chose which number is bigger or smaller or if they are equal.  The "math monsters" like to each the greater amount, so the child needs to pick the monster card that faces the larger number.  If the numbers are equal, then the child will use the "Equal" card.  The game can continue until all the cards have been used or for a set amount of time.  For accountability, the child could be asked to write down the pairs, drawing the math monsters (< = >) between them.

The parent can decide how many numbers to present to the child.  I recommend starting with numbers 1-5, then 1-10.  Perhaps, moving onto the teen number next, and then using all of the cards after the child understands the concepts well.

I love math you can see and I'm really excited about this game.

To download it, click on the link below:

Math Monsters


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